A good start: smart strategies and expressive products.

THINK and GROW combines long years of experience in industry and business with new ways of thinking. We therefore believe that to be able to successfully think “outside the box”, you first need to know what is inside the box so that you can take the relevant industrial processes and the specific requirements of the sector into account.

We use this approach to draw up tailor-made solutions for companies who wish to fine-tune themselves today and equip themselves for the future. We pursue the aim of developing sustainable and profitable solutions with you, working in an enlightened and creative manner.

Projects of THINK and GROW consult

THINK and GROW consult – Future Cities
You will of course be aware that more people live in cities than in the country today. And that the world population living in cities is also increasing. Equally, you will know that major cities require a robust and safe infrastructure.
These circumstances alone cover a huge global market. You may be asking yourself whether you can position your products – or new products – in this environment? Which cities need which products? What the nature of products must be for smart cities? What is a smart city? Whether you even need to think about this topic? We can tell you all these things. We are eager to share our knowledge with you: we will hold presentations in your company, organisation or city, or work together with you to check whether you can make suitable use of the topic, and if so, how. We have already worked successfully on these matters with companies in the area of infrastructures and the energy sector, and in cooperation with a city administration authority. These results are supplemented by up-to-date research work by THINK and GROW consult.

We will also be happy to support you in this connection with regard to your application for funding within the EU research programme Horizon 2020.

THINK and GROW consult – Energy 3.0
What does an energy supplier sell to its customers if these customers provide their own energy? We deal with these and similar questions in the project Energy 3.0. These activities are currently being driven by the research work of Prof. h.c. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh and are being handled in connection with the Future Cities project. The aim is to identify future business fields for energy suppliers which fit into the context of your supply company, to assess these business fields and – if they are suitable – to convert them into viable business models. One of the central challenges is to protect and lastingly safeguard your customer interfaces against competitors and against players who are new or from other industries.
Even if many diverse challenges currently exist in the energy sector, start thinking today about the role of your company and your product portfolio in the future. After all, our customers have already done so.

THINK and GROW consult – Kundenherzen
We examine company landscapes and process landscapes to ensure that they are customer-friendly, and help our customers to fine-tune their enterprise to make it perfectly in tune with the needs of their customers or potential customers. In doing so, we keep a close eye on the enterprise’s specific goals and its profitability. Customer-centric processes form the basis for winning over and winning back customers. In particular, enterprises which want to protect their customer interfaces against new players are challenged to fight for their (potential) customers as early as possible. Otherwise, the only alternative is to compete by cutting prices. This strategy is not sustainable, and success only comes at the expense of significant financial losses.

THINK and GROW consult – Future Mobility
In this project area, we help enterprises from various sectors to undergo strategic realignment and to open up new fields of business in the area of mobility. The projects involve future mobility and urban mobility. One of the main focal areas is electric mobility, where we have been conducting intensive research since 2008 for the German market. Our spectrum of topics in the Future Mobility project ranges from the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system to the charging station. The primary goal is to ensure that people and goods remain mobile in a manner which is as eco-friendly as possible. Together, let us think about your product and service portfolio, your enterprise’s mobility needs or mobility in your city.

THINK and GROW consult – Product messages
Luxury and premium products live through their carefully targeted messages, which give expression to the wishes and innermost desires of your customers or potential customers. We help you to analyse the messages given by your products, to formulate and to create intended messages. The same applies to suitable contexts, such as websites and ranges of services, which provide the necessary frame for your products. As an expert in product messages, Prof. h.c. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh has dealt with the topic area of brand, customer and product for many years – both in research and in practice. This expertise in the area of product messages is among THINK and GROW consult’s unique selling propositions. Please contact us to find out more; we look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

THINK and GROW consult – Bridges (project currently suspended)
Our focus in this project is on supporting Asian mobility providers in penetrating the German market and other European markets. We see this Eurasian exchange as having great potential and as enabling us to learn from each other. That's why we have called this project "Bridges", as knowledge and mutual understanding forges links.

Within this project, our main emphasis is on product design. The question is: how must products be designed in order to be successful in Germany or indeed in Europe? To answer this question, we can provide our customers with the following spectrum of expertise through our network:

  • Comprehensive experience in the German automotive industry
  • An extensive network in the automotive world, which can depict and support the product development process of a car manufacturer to a large part by purposefully integrating people and companies
  • In-depth knowledge of the German and European automotive markets
  • An excellent understanding of European consumers and their mentalities
  • Target group models which are specific to particular countries and which are based on lifestyles and value systems
  • Extensive experience in working with Asian enterprises on all hierarchical levels
  • Complete familiarity with Asian mentalities, cultures and working processes
  • The ability to network enterprises with relevant authorities, associations and other relevant institutions in Germany and at EU level

Other projects and information on request.