A strong team for strong solutions.

THINK and GROW consult was established in 2009 by Prof. h.c. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh and is an enterprise that offers business development and marketing services. Our interdisciplinary team is a well-oiled network of experienced, customer-oriented, multidimensionally-thinking experts from the automotive industry, the energy sector, the “smart city” area and from various other fields of business, research and teaching.

Prof. h.c. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh, an economist,

works as a strategic advisor across various industries. The focal points of her work and research are:

  • business development
  • and customer-centred product development.

With her specialisation in the automotive industry and the energy sector her work logically led her via electric mobility to the topic of “cities of the future”.

Prof. h.c. Dr. Etezadzadeh gained her expertise in methods and management in particular through her many years of work for a German premium automotive manufacturer and a leading U.S. automotive supplier, as well as her activities as a corporate advisor in the energy sector. In parallel to her professional work, she conducts interdisciplinary research in the area of customer-focused product development and on the topic of the cities of the future.

In 2009, Prof. h.c. Dr. Etezadzadeh established the company THINK and GROW consult, since which time she has provided advisory services in various sectors and – with the support of the THINK and GROW network – strategic advice to small and medium-sized companies and the industry.

Teaching activities
In order to make a further positive contribution outside her advisory capacity, Prof. h.c. Dr. Etezadzadeh is also active in the education of young people. The future of our cities and generations who will take action in the future are inextricably linked with each other. These generations need relevant, interdisciplinary knowledge and systemic expertise in methods; they should be proficient in complex thought processes. For this reason, Prof. h.c. Dr. Etezadzadeh holds presentations and lectures on the topic of “Product Development for Smart Cities”. In the summer semester of 2014, she was awarded a teaching assignment at the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering at Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

, THINK and GROW consult

We perform our projects with the support of a motivated, reliable and flexible team of advisors and experts, consisting of individuals who we esteem greatly as people and as highly competent colleagues, on the basis of projects we have successfully completed together. The team working for you will be tailored to suit your specific requirements and put together with your individual project in mind.

Our network
comprises experienced associates in the industry with high-end portfolios of services in the following areas:

  • Market structure and forecast data
  • Market research
  • Future research
  • Design
  • Development services
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Prototyping
  • Model building

This allows us to support you, especially in regard to your product development process, in a coordinated manner with virtually no omissions all the way along your process chain.