Our range of services falls under the general headings of business development and marketing services. Specifically, this means that we carry out business development by taking an all-encompassing view of the complex, ever-changing general parameters under which you operate. For example, we can help you to develop your business concept, a business unit, your portfolio of products or services, your brand or a specific product.

What exactly do we mean by an "all-encompassing view"? We will be delighted to explain this in more detail in a personal consultation with you.

This is an overview of our range of projects and services

Business development

  • Extensive management support in radically changing markets
  • Drawing up, revising and supplementing corporate strategies
  • Identifying and opening up new potential for creating added value / fields of business
  • Tapping into the growth market “Smart Cities” for companies, organisations and cities
  • Organisation development
  • Assistance in entering the German/European market (project currently suspended)

Marketing services

  • Strategies to safeguard the customer interfaces that companies have
  • Systematically aligning companies, products and services with customer needs (to win over, win back and retain customers)
  • Strategic management of product development and product optimisation processes, taking production conditions into account
  • Improving innovation management by means of 360° analyses
  • Analysing the product language of products and brands with a view to placing, optimising and (re-)positioning them on the German market

We specialise in the following areas

  • Automotive industry
  • Energy sector
  • Cities of the future / smart, sustainable cities
  • Future mobility
  • Luxury and premium goods

You will find further information on the page “Our projects”.
We look forward to hearing from you!