Holistic thinking for sustainable growth.

You make your decisions, but the world keeps on turning. A key condition for making good decisions is therefore holistic thinking. "THINK and GROW!" is our motto. We would like to help you to think in holistic terms, make good decisions and achieve sustainable growth. Working together with you, our interdisciplinary team with international industrial experience will take the necessary measures to shed light on the many and varied complexities of this world. We offer you the relevant services for this from a single source, meaning that our ideas lead to clear solutions, which we will then work on with you to achieve tangible results.

THINK and GROW! This is our challenge to you – and we will help you to master it.

Why THINK and GROW consult?

Thinking helps
Do you have time to think? How do people in your professional environment react when you say "I'll have to think about it first"? Considering a matter from every possible perspective has always been a good thing. Indeed, for enterprises this attribute is absolutely essential; only then is it possible to go about their business in a sustainable manner and thus remain profitable in the long term.
Many industrial processes and enormous time pressure are counter-productive to the act of thinking. The increasing complexity of information and general parameters that are changing ever more rapidly sometimes make the act of thinking appear pointless. We are confronted with lack of knowledge, uncertainty and unpredictability, yet still have to make decisions under these circumstances.

Our advice: Don't stop thinking!

The power of interdependencies
We work across nations, across cultures, across disciplines and - increasingly - across systems. The available technologies now network systems that were previously seen as being stand-alone. Everything is becoming more complex. Consumers are now developing a more proactive attitude, which means that they are becoming more aware of the repercussions of their actions. We must recognise and take into account these circumstances and the resulting consequences, in their many and varied forms. "One-size-fits-all" solutions with the aim of generating short-term profit are no longer appropriate and cannot be marketed sustainably. It is therefore important that we do not underestimate the power of interdependencies, and that we keep a close eye on those interdependencies that we wish to influence.

Our advice: Think in context!

Holistic thinking leads to integrated solutions for interconnected people in an interconnected world
Modern consumers are interconnected, think in interconnected terms, and expect products that can be integrated seamlessly into their lives, their context and their systems, in some cases while further enhancing their own interconnectedness. At the same time, the products should be sustainable and not impact additionally on our environment. Not forgetting, of course, that their emotional appeal can also make an important difference!

Holistic thinking – the ability to think within, or indeed across, systems and contexts – is therefore absolutely essential. Objects, concepts, attitudes and actions can only be understood in context, and furthermore in terms of their relations to each other.

Our advice: Think in holistic terms!

What can you do with these general parameters in mind?

Examine your attitude:

  • Attempt to recognise, accept and take into account that some things are highly complex, some things will remain unknown and that there are limits to your own ability to act (do not steer and control, set the tone!)
  • Accept the tentative nature of decisions and do not always expect linear causality
  • It is helpful to allow openness, a change of perspective and a change of context and indeed to actively look for them

Take measures:

  • Get to know your customers and their environment, integrate their perspectives in your corporate processes; act with the customer in mind
  • Determine which are the relevant markets, their regional differences, specific requirements and potential, as well as new fields of business; act with the market in mind
  • If you are acting for and within a city: act with the needs of the individual city in mind
  • Observe overall societal developments and trends as well as legal requirements and technical progress. Using this information, never cease to carry out checks of your portfolio of products and services; act in line with the times, with a view to the future and in accordance with your strategy (i.e. also with the environment in mind)
  • Create good, high-quality products which fulfil these standards and comply with your brand; act with the brand in mind
  • Recognise the systems within which you move; attempt to market holistic, integrated solutions; act with the system in mind
  • Conduct sustainable partnering – build up strong inter-systemic relationships and networks with enterprises that logically complement you
  • Recognise potential for creating added value in networks and in new working structures, as well as outside your core area of business
  • Think in new added-value units (e.g. car vs. mobility) and in terms of service structures (e.g. as an energy service provider)
  • Remain decisive and ensure that you comply with industrial process requirements

In our experience, this outlined attitude and measures such as those stated above lead to sustainable and therefore profitable growth. We support you in implementing these measures and provide you with the relevant services from a single source!

Together, let us:

  • Think,
  • Overcome boundaries
    (but at the same time comply with industrial process requirements and the specific requirements of the sector),
  • Grow.

With regard to growth, it's not primarily about the actual size of your enterprise; what's important in equal measure is its resilience, inner strength and robustness against disruptions and changing conditions.

We think strategically and analytically. But also operatively and synthetically.
THINK and GROW! This is our challenge to you – and we will help you to master it.